Adding water to your garden brings a wonderful element. The sound of water is very calming, mesmerizing even. Also it has the added benefit of attracting yet more wildlife and hence added bio-diversity. Your garden whether flat or sloping could house a feature large or small, customized for your needs, formal or informal in design.

We can build raised ponds, integrated ponds at ground level, ravines and waterfalls whatever the site and slope. We can use pond liner, or render.


We offer a unique style of cobbling that can provide a very high quality, stylish look and creates a feeling of age, following the natural lay of the land, this can be used anywhere whether it’s used in combination with other styles creating areas for parking or leisure, also perfect for restoration projects on older properties.

Stonework opens up unique perspectives. Indeed a natural stone patio can also add textures and hues.


Seen in past community projects we can make bespoke sculpture out of timbers, totems and hand carved garden art.

Also metalworks to fill your garden with wonderful art to further beautify your surroundings.


You will find more information on the Timberwork page.

Why not add striking features to your garden? A pergola can add a link to different areas of your garden, whilst hosting various climbers on it’s timbers. Whilst a deck will add that seating area with which to enjoy the space, even integrated with an arbour.


We offer many landscape services throughout Cornwall and indeed the ‘makeover’ usually combines several aspects of landscaping and planting schemes in one project. This also allows for a garden to be designed completely which we can produce scaled plans.