We love growing edibles, whether as part of a new or existing vegetable patch, integrating edible ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials into your garden or designing a forageable wild area to add to your 10 a day!


If you need a screen that gives a more traditional rural look then a weaved willow screen can provide just that. We can use one species or many and we can also create structures such as this seating arbor


‘Turfing’: A magic way of adding greenery to your garden! We will take a site survey, rotovate, rake level, design the beds and borders and lay your lawn for you.

Using wildflower seed mixes, plugs or wildflower turf rolls we can create areas of natural meadows that will soon be teeming with wildlife, again bio-diversity is all important here as we strive to improve insect and wildlife populations.

Almost two-thirds of the total vegetation of grasslands is protected within the soil…. If placed end to end, the roots and root hairs beneath a square yard of tallgrass can stretch 20 miles.” — Douglas Chadwick, The American Prairie, Root of the Sky, National Geographic, October 1993


Let us manage your lawns and hedges. With many many years of experience, we can take the strain on your behalf and keep things looking neat and tidy.


From formulation pruning to restoration pruning, from fruit trees, roses, climbers, ornamental evergreens, deciduous flowering shrubs and hedges, even Bonsai!!


We can not only provide a grass & hedge cutting service but also a maintenance plan. Following new and old techniques coast to coast landscape projects can keep your garden looking beautiful.