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This summer we have carried out many varied projects. One such project was a show garden for a large building contractor. The brief that we were given was ‘Secret Garden’. This conjures elements of hidden areas and by using bold leafy plants and curvy lines we set about a design plan.

The back garden was triangular with another area around to the side for a structure. A triangular-shaped area is, in fact, perfect for design and by adding curves we soon found a design we were happy with to give a Secret or Hidden look. Furthermore, with a section of garden to the side and our own bespoke structures, this also added to a hidden element.

Another garden we worked on was in a little fishing village but sheltered from the wind. We added elements to an existing scheme here with some simple planting. As the theme was sub-tropical we decided to enhance with a Musa ensete (Banana, native to the Asian tropics) a Melianthus major (South African name is Honey Flower where it is found in elevated grassland) and also a Restio, these are another group of South African plants which are reed-like in appearance, often with mottled markings to the leaf stems and add an element of movement. For the containers we added Aeonium varieties, these are the Tree Houseleeks native to the Canary Isles and a Callistemon variety, the Bottlebrushes are from Australia and are very showy!

This leads me on to something that always comes up for us; the plants we use are indeed global. With these few plants we have visited 3 different continents and how fortunate are we here in the far south-west of Cornwall that we have a climate suitable for the growing of such marvellous exotics?!!

Lately we have been working on a small garden in Penzance where we had to re-green a concrete back yard. We feel this is an important factor in helping the introduction, spread and then conservation of wildlife biodiversity. Of course, not everyone can have a lawn or planted area but if you can it adds an amazing dimension to a garden no matter how small.

The raised beds that we installed have replaced the existing frame material that was decking clad over a simple frame that was bowing and showing signs of rot. We like to recycle where we can and indeed some of the timbers were cut up to be re-used for firewood this coming winter.

The timbers we used are oak and this was chosen due to its longevity and aesthetic appearance, we like to add our own mark on our work and so we carved and shaped the timbers to give an appearance of an old weathered look.

The next addition to this garden is the bench, again made of oak and just framing the newly laid lawn and existing planting nicely.

We will revisit this garden next year to carry out Phase 2- laying of granite flags and a fence made of glass blocks and steel.

We had a job in Porthleven that involved a planting display through gravel. This is also a job to be carried out in 2 phases with a deck in our own special style to be added. The planting is a collection of coastal and wind tolerant specimens with a strip bed of Herbaceous plants often seen in Cornwall.

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