Why not contract coast to coast to build you a beautiful deck for your home and garden? A timber framed pond with a window. Erected using either rough sawn or planed garden sleepers, softwood or hardwood.


These vertical schemes add shade and structure to a design and give a practical function. If placed over a deck it gives an added dynamic, a new ‘garden room’, in which a seating area provides a place to sit back and enjoy your garden, have your breakfast or enjoy that evening glass of wine.


Why not contract coast to coast to build you a beautiful deck for your home and garden? Whether a softwood, hardwood or even out of a recycled material such as Millboard.

A deck can offer a wide range of practical benefits, as well as softening a design or offsetting your planting scheme or even adding lighting to further enhance your creation.

We can build any fence to suit your requirements. From standard panel and trellis fencing to bespoke close board fencing or hit and miss. From a living weaved willow fence to a chainlink fence we can add style to your garden as well as that all important privacy.


This project shows the process at construction and then a re-visit a couple of years later. As can be seen there is no movement in the deck structure and neither in the deck boards, the structures we build are made to last as well as for aesthetics


If your garden space is limited, why not consider adding a planter, custom to your requirements. Raised beds are very popular, it is a neat way to work, less back aching, plus maintenance is easy!


Of course, a way to enjoy a garden is with one of these!


Recycling is an area that we are keen on promoting as a responsible company. Indeed we often try to reuse certain features by implementing them back into a garden design. Then in the greenest garden sense, there is an excellent way to recycle- Composting!