Here at Coast to Coast we have many years of experience offering a wealth of ideas to create the perfect design to suit your needs, we enjoy working alongside the client to bring to life and make possible unique and original concepts.


With many years of training and experience, we can offer the perfect planting plan to suit your garden

We advise best companion planting to provide the perfect environment for wildlife, coastal themes, meadows or cottage garden.
We aim to bring you the pleasure of a wonderfully balanced garden and landscape that will continue to grow and evolve naturally and beautifully with time.


Let us take the worry out of your garden for you. We can design a management plan specifically for your garden, involving a site survey, a named plant species list and the care needed throughout the seasons.

We can also put this information into a ‘calendar’ format so you can maintain your own garden month by month.


If you are uncertain how best to develop your garden, yet do not want a design and set of plans then perhaps a one-off consulting session is the solution. We will carry out a site survey as above and call on our many years of training, knowledge and experience to give you practical advice and solutions.

Whether for a small tree and shrub pruning, growing problems or choosing the right theme of planting, to which structure to choose and where to site it, we can give you the information you need.