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We have just recently acquired a workshop which is a very exciting development for us.

As you may not know we make our own range of garden art. Whether it is a sculpted totem, an array of arches, pergolas or decks all bespoke and tailored to suit whatever garden or outside space. Now we can add much larger structures such as Shepherd Huts, Beach huts, Hobbit hideaways or office studios. We add our own touches to each piece to develop our own unique style.

We feel this unique process brings out the natural beauty of wood and enhances each piece, all our work is created using as many recycled materials or ethically grown timbers as possible.

We are going to be able to have our timber structures and sculptures. Also, we will have our stylized gates on the show and an area for our living structures.

We aim to have some on display by Spring 2020 and we hope to have an open day to show our products with a chance to drop by and visit from this time. There is not only a dry internal space for you but also we’ll make a sample garden with benches to sit down and relax…

Other exciting plans will be workshops. We plan to invite other local artists and designers to hold their own short courses from the premises.

Looking ahead we think 2020 holds a lot of excitement and new beginnings! We will of course still be operating as Coast to Coast Landscape Projects offering our usual services be it design, planting plans or tailored makeovers but now we can offer our own range of products within the package 🙂

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  • Karon

    The coast to coast guys work with meticulous attention to detail, they care about their work and about you as the customer.
    I took them on and have been very impressed with the creativity of landscaping, planting choices, and innovation of products which naturally and organically weave into the backdrop of the landscape as if it was an art installation. If you want a quick cheap and cheerful makeover look elsewhere. If you want artisan workmanship with a respectful bunch of conscientious guys, who love what they do and will treat your patch of garden or land as if it were being created for their own enjoyment as well as yours, you won’t be disappointed. Quotes are competitive and honest.

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